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Amanduh Su: Wow its wonderful that culture is still around. Im amazed at this.

Eric Adrien: What about Urdu? ? It is such a romantic and beautiful language focusing the respect as well.Its literature is has great depth and beauty in it. . . . . . I find korean interesting and beautiful as well . Spanish and Arabic sound so melodious, Punjabi language is sweetest language, Persian is also great with wide and meaningful sense .

Zoe Lupianez: The wintery opening with the logo was cool!

Vivi Dream: Vikings? hahahahha that broke me!

Henry Fung: I'm from Quebec but French from France, i would take that any day lol

Drtash21: I am british i love greek people. My co sister is greek to she is very warm but a bit annoying,

Donald Trump: Would you like my number I'm single lol

Rok Sraka: People think that we Italian girls are hard to get and this actually it's true, but just because in Italy there are SO many fuckboys so we wanna make sure that you're not one of them

Crybaby Curly: I'd very much like to date someone like that. I'm very traditional (the car door thing was obvious for me and in general I'm fond of Russia and it's culture. Not to mention that having a supportive partner who is there for you (and who you can be there for is a wonderful thing.

Ahmed Mohey: I literally have no idea what that was supposed to be about. They just wrote a shit ton of ideas down on a board and taped them all in the same day.

Akash1229: My boyfriend is from Finland and I am from Austria. So every month I travel to Finland to see him :)

Lisa Helin: True. Been there done that. #NailedIt

Alejandro Lm: Scandinavian women are boring, but i gotta agree that the country is great! i would like to live there one day not for the girls and all that but for a nice and stable life

OfelieArt: Russian girls are hot af

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Hot Boyfriend Oral Sex With Cumshot Lord Clown: And of course, I will open the door in front of her, I will give a hand when leaving the public transport or car.

Nacho Ferraro: I would want to date un Latino who looks gringo (brown hair, pale skin, etc because my whole life I hated my hair color and skin color for not looking Mexican or Honduran enough to be Latina. And I just want someone to relate to, ya know?

Doryphoros: I have to disagree.It's not as easy as going for it and The worst

Noraly Sousa: Spain? italy? north europe? east europe? australia? they are missing a lot of them.

Abi Perez: Not to mention neither Wales or Northern Ireland were represented you missed out two entire countries.

Tsar Alester: Next one in Israel!

Birdy B.: Dominicana! Jajaja dizque mamajuana, ese sabe de eso!

Carlos Reyes: Where the hell are the Slovak and Czech languages? Slovakian is a Slavic esperanto!

Not Amused: Omg this is so true! :D My boyfriend is Russian and when we meet with his friends I always have to look super sexy, so he can show his friends that he has the most beautiful girlfriend. :D :D :D

MentalRaptors: Wow? Dinner at eight? That's early in Spain

Peyton Rose: With love from Ukraine.

K777angel: Hispanics tend to pay most of the tabs because we still live with the idea of machism.

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