Problems With Big Dicks - 9 Problems that Only Men with Big Penis will Understand

Whether or not at some point in life, all men have thought about penis size. If your penis would look twice the size it is now?

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At one point or another, pretty much every guy has thought about penis size. What would your dick look like if it was double the size? Would it have the circumference of a soda can or a 2-liter bottle? Would it sit on his thigh like a king on his throne or have its own gravitational field, inviting people of all sizes and shapes to stand around it and gawk? As a big-dicked man, would having sex with a woman be the best thing in the world or the worst?

Would that gigantic dick be a blessing or a curse? A treasure or a double-edged sword covered in skin? The platform gives millions of people, who previously never had a voice, a chance to tell their side of the story. Within the community is a subsection of men burdened by their own junk, embarrassed by the the large penises they possess. Dress code called for light colored pants. It goes without saying that pain and discomfort for a man and their partner is far from the only problem guys with big dicks have.

Try stepping up your out-of-bedroom game, says Reddit user Mahomie80, in a post entitled " Lube, foreplay, and emotional intimacy: What I've learned about BDP sex and emotion.

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It is a compliment and a rejection simultaneously. We remember their martyrdom but forgot their principles. Therefore, the content of this area is for those people who identify themselves.

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  • 9 Problems that Only Men with Big Penis will Understand
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Problems With Big Dicks

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