Justin Says Hes Straight - Justin says he's straight

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Tommy Xiao8: Could you do Norwegian girls? Or Hungarian? What about Canadian? It doesn't have to be girls for all of them, whatever you want.

Extreme Biswa: Damn, I got them all right except the Arabic. I said it was Turkish.

Reece Karetai: FINALLY! what about dating a Romanian man!

Matt Gorzka: Pisaditas a todas en linia!

Cato Oomen: Bingo wings is now in my personal dictionary.

Geannie Lam: Do one of brazilian woman they are cute and always smiling.

Sirrakh 2: Brazilian portuguese is sexier

Lily Minozzi: Toronto is an internment camp designed by and for corporate drones. A city filled with ennervated, edgy, and emotionally damaged people who happen also to be too guarded to even want to expand their social circles. The people who do best here are the immigrants who bring an entire entourage of fellow nationals and who just want to settle down and start a family.

Damn Daniel: Onde mora a gaja do porto? vou-me casar fds

Audrey Fleur: HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA this is so true

Fhantazy: I heard from someone in Turkey that the Russian gesture (which means the same thing across all Slavic countries actually comes from Turkey where it's the equivalent to giving someone the finger and that the thumb wedged in between fingers is supposed to represent the clitoris.

Daniel M: Is good that they blindfolded them

Kösem 4 Ever: There so much like my Armenian culture

Deborah Yaban: I went out with this girl in St.Petersburg, she was really cool and well educated and at the same very deep and full of mystery. we hung out till like 3am walking around the city and talking bout all sorts of stuff.

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Michael Wang: Ha panda xD

Allen Aussie: Women are lovely.

La Rustica: This is why men need Dutch women, way less complicated, more direct, and they generally don't toss around I love you without meaning it. Rather the Ik hou van jou, does not get used so lightly.

Achatius1982: This can be pretty accurate for some Brazilians, but there's a lot of sexism and machismo we're so used to, it becomes natural. You can't just give in to those kind of man. I mean, you shouldn't, unless you want it too

Joel Garcia: Where is kurwa Polish?

Abdul Basit: Why is the man always Doom and Gloom?

Nitansha A: I was not dating a regular German then. a very messy-relaxed one actually compared to other Germans :P.

Kirill Heart: Red head chick at 38 definitely gave away the fact that this is fake lolll

Marc Gun: I like her!

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Arznovaa: Quebec French is actually good for REALLY naughty talk. like nasty stuff.

FMTYFILMS: Oh fuck me I thought these pretentious self involved bitches were a western thing. Apparently not.

Stavroula: Gives thumbs up when he's blindfolded**

Adrian X: Just watched with my aussie husband n we loved it. So accurate! Waiting for aussie man. He already watched the Brazilian gf (me ahaha.

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Justin Says Hes Straight

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  • Gay twinks wank Justin says he's straight and that he's never filmed a
  • Gay video Justin says he's straight and that he's never filmed a -
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Justin says he's straight - culture-the.info - Henderson singles

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