Hunter Starts A Prompt Back And Forth Tonguing - “Shhh, I’m wabbit hunting”

Bryson DeRonde listens for a response after making a moose call in a clearing off of Salchaket Slough. After three...

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I made an attempt at an apology, but he dismissed me with a shake of his head. I feel Foxface's hands and mouth leave my body as she sits up. The only weak point for me was putting the reveal that it was all a dream at the end, which has always seemed a bit of a cop-out for me.

A moment later an enormous Beepasaurus Supersonicus zoomed up into the air and swallowed him whole. These three phrases are equivalent in English: Mesa hookup

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  • Prompt: Tribe of the Cheetah Hunter. Thanks to Azany for...
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Wednesday, August 14, Prompt: Strain of the Cheetah Stalker. Nsonowa crouched low in the grass, balancing his long spear across his knees. His tail swept back and forth, swishing flies and relieving his boredom.

The lechwe drive grazed on the budding savannah grasses, and he would have to pause until they dozed in the haze of the late afternoon sun sooner than he began the dog. He panted quietly, letting the air cool his long, pink tongue. Two more days he would hunt as cheetah, years ago he could sleep comprised in the new moon and wake human once more.

He spotted movement in the grass on the far side of the herd. Was that chump Zuberi trying to poach his herd? Nsonowa growled loud enough that the nearest lechwe lifted its head and lashed its tail in alarm. Nsonowa crouched lower and hissed a long, drawn-out zephyr of frustration. If it was Zuberi, he would throw his spear and let it land where it may.

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