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JDM Fan #41: I'm Mexican and I totally love it

Megha Somani: Ha ha ha we are such a gigolos!

The Pan: Parents will fix breakfast for you if you bring a girl over.

Dennis Tan: Yeah, I didn't like the Polish girl accent neither. It didn't sound, as it normally should, therefore wasn't nice enough ; They should let someone else reenact it ;)

Jemica Perera: AMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEI, amei mais ainda por ser aqui em Toronto!

Tusrox01: Y el papel higienico? Donde esta el papel higienico?

Orderly Chaos: I love how she puts that thing around her neck and she is now Italian!

Lucy Galstyan: Woah! No, thank you!

Slade P: Any brazilian here!

Greek Unicorn: Is eastern Europe a country. (Who the fuck wrote your wrote your script)

Sh4rk Sh4d0w: Root for the Irish in the World Cup.

Slim Mathers: Please do some video about Poland! So beautiful country and interesting people!*

Violetta V: Most of the Mexican women I meet were born and raised in the US. that's like me calling myself an Irishman.

James Stott: Next time burn this phone XD

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Muffees 28: I give them all 10/10

NZEEZOMBEE: Wow, that was. maladyets?

Ghita.Ehn: I read lots of comments regarding the italian bodytype alike, THERE IS NO TYPICAL ITALIAN by bodytype! We're the most mixed population of all planet.

John Michael: I was in Rio last year. It was awesome! Brazilian women are all vagabunda.

SheisKate: Baltimore Maryland. Not a bad place when you grow up here.

Marbel Jimnz: That girl from chile is so ugly, yet the most picky; why is that?

Meganjerai: Also unfortunately not every slav has enough courage (bro in this video is fucking golden standard, no joke, awesome bro), but when it comes to friend-zone, slavs (especially russians are getting ruthless and angry as hell most woman are not ready to be in a position of Berlin in May 8th 1945 which is funny for us and sad for them.

Steffi Spr: Left out some of my favs: Not interested.

Xscrool St: The machismo is the killer. By all means being manly is attractive but the controlling, jealousy, unfaithfulness, man-child, and macho man syndrome is a bit much (lots can get emotionally and sometimes physically abusive).

AvatarRoku: I can't get over how adorable the French guy is.

Xmugiwarax: Biggest shit i have ever seen! no point is true!

NotAliveATM: I'm Portuguese and Portuguese men are not like this at all

Umar Munir: It is very helpful info to date with different cultures

Amitendro Das: This is so embarrassing lol

I got rejected... now what?

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