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Is this a good Valentine's day gift idea?

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Why do guys disappear, then resurface months later?

Ron Don: Go MGTOW guys, never get married and only go dutch on dates.

Rori K.: Where are the Geordies?

Johnny Grande: Mine were Spain and Colombia

Kim-Ly Khim: This is like every guy in Maine.

SUMAN KUMARI: Bunch of whores and sluts.

Davide Segato: Man always has to pay in Turkey.But it's kind gesture for a girl to atleast go for her wallet for the intention to pay and the man stops him.Thats the tradition.But now there are some type of man who doesnt pay its called GERMAN STYLE.Germans such greedy people and they are like robots.As we see in this video.He says equality ahah.You aint get no pussy man.

GD TiO2: This is just une chieuse de parisienne, not all french girls are like that.

MahSousa P.: And they are right all the time

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Bin Young: Dominican Squad where you at?

Honey Bunny: Yeah that polish accent was awful :D

Frankie Ork: Croatian and Ukraine.

Izaya Orihara: Dutch guys are sooo boring. I really can't understand why I'm in love with one of then XD

Juan Valdez: In the countries of the former Soviet Union and in the zones of influence of the Soviet Union, customs began about the same. Even without taking into account that we are Slavs.

Naunsense: Danish guys are very tall and handsome

Carol Canedo: All these women are so harsh. Like they could do any better.

NarraSae: Spaniards love to sleep at noon or after lunch with their siesta

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What does she think? What does all this mean?

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  3. This sexual behavior is called voyeurism; liking to watch people do sexual things while on the sidelines

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