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Pedee Damas: Guy in white tshirt looks like messi

Cazquii: Dating a Russian is awesome, by the way that food thing is accurate as hell.

Jenni X: Looks like the perfect woman

Ishamaini1: It's all about the voice. Women find deep voices hot.

Usa Pokerpro: The french translation isn't correct he's really saying your dad is a thief, he stole all the stars in the sky and put them in your eyes

Haydee Aly: I think Italian guys are soo good I love them they're pretty charming.

Safae Hope: Ah, that Portuguese accent when attempting to speak English. I know it too well.

Kari Kling: Oi vey the nose knows shut it down!

AkuriSenpai92: Wtf it's not french

Vlad Klimkov: The first part scared me away from a brazilian guy. He was too much.text way too often. He would not take no for an answer.

Juanchoja: She's a very hardworking person, can study for hours, and she will fight for her rights and she will not give up.

Lobos222: I voted for trump

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Petr, Martin And Artur Medical engulfing. Petr And Michal Raunchy Sex. Petr And Jakub wazoo plowing. Petr And Jon butthole hammering.

Did i ruin things?

Pramod Kotian: I'm English. This is a huge stereotype of an Englishman, whoever made this has been watching too many Richard Curtis films with Hugh Grant in the leading role. There are plenty of Englishmen who are nothing like this, with loads more confidence. And English accents are very varied, depending on which part of England we come from. Most Englishmen do love football, Sunday roast dinners, pubs and tea, though lol.

Kate Ng: Is there ever going to be a video on dating a (German-speaking Swiss man?

Ksenya Рњoru: Hahahahahaha is that true

Kara Malz: I love Paula's voice! (the girl from Nigeria)

Amiya Turner: I am still so fking confused . What is 'bull'? w/e as long as there are perogies and vodka I don't need to understand.

Angc214: You know you're dating an Israeli woman when you go to kiss her and her big honker hits you in the face before her lips do

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  1. How would you feel if someone falsely accused you of rape and their video got millions of views? :)

  2. This is really random but I just realizd I havent had a philly cheese steak in a long time.

  3. Boobies are very sexy imo, altho not so much when a baby is eating from them, people need to stop being so sensitive. Boobies! \o/

  4. My opinion, your best feature are your piercing eyes, and excellent views about everything :)

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