Tight Hole Gets A Finger Popping - When and How to Pop a Blister

Blisters are raised bubbles under the top layer of your skin that are filled with fluid. This fluid might be a clear...

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Danger Dove: I knew the Japanese and Chinese immediately. I speak the former, so that's only why. I also guessed the Trinidad accent. A Youtuber of mine has the same accent, so it wasn't hard to figure out.

Suca101: The first one is so true. I told my mum about my boyfriend and next thing my aunt from New York called to ask me when is the wedding?

Kinardak: I am Spanish Speaker. And I have no idea why, but I can identify almost every single language.

Felix Batista: I'm portuguese and I didn't understand what she said, but in the end I understood what was the music she was singing. Wtf This are somo realy bad interpretations

Pinik BaZz: Controlling parents, I mean really really controlling. Once you start dating someone, they will need to know everything about your boyfriend/girlfriend, their family and plans for the whole life.

Leaj Clemente: Name of the Show Asking Former Slaws who live for ages in the US about opinions.

Ferkinason: The russian one means ''f you in turkish :P

Arwa Nazih: She must be part Filipino. She was late. We call that Filipino time.

Schriftix: You should know that there are No-go Zones .

Sc0tte1: Thank god for Russian girls like her

Zaineb Daoud: In the case of dance invitation. when you say no, but smile at same time, that is when you are going to be called histerica

Stan Safonov: Your channel is very entertaining : jolly good

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Tish Talks: Impossible to be monogamous

Strygwyr: Damn. Brazil, here I come!

Joe Eightys: This seems like a load of crap from a bunch of bitchy girls rather than a canadian thing.

Dirpy Turtle: They should have got them to speak normal sentences and not sing songs that was weird.

Axa3547: So Euro style french style? Fuck you USA.

James Seo: Worst Gibberish accent ever.

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