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EnGee 73: The restaurant is at wellington and portland, Toronto :D I work right around the corner.

Jack Frost: She's more masculine than the Trudeau Knockoff.

TheMaverick64: The dude is portrayed as an idiot

Kelsey B: I'm not Spanish, but I have all those characteristics! Except the football thing at the end :D

Anna Olmos: Can you do dating an Arabic/Muslim?

Taos Treror: Sex before coffee? my god Valhalla DOES exist!

Mr. Lelito: It's only steriotypes. Of course not every woman in denmark is like that.

MГЎrcia Silva: So glad I live in the worst county (Canada where women don't just say what they want or at least make it obvious like the Russian one. even the US one made it obvious lol.

Brukafig: I love Marina cameos. The absolute best!

Unmex 21: Also the other characteristics you mentioned.

Gabi Taubes: This french was really bad

Eri Zossi: Wow. The only question is where do these guys and gals have the time. They are all lounging about.

Bruna B.: I dunno man, this is of course very generalized. I'm German and dated German guys that weren't exactly like that. And as someone with social anxiety it is practically impossible for to me to make the first move.

Caio Theodoro: Im french and i didnt understand what she said wth



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Amanda Braga: You should have mentioned that the bilingual or trilingual quality of them and when they switches the speech in many different languages like English to Hindi or in Punjabi or Rajasthani etc.

Danish MMer: I'm missing dutch :P

Lilia G.: Wtf is Bullard? Is it a beer?

The EDRgaming: Estamos tontos, ESTAMOS TONTOS

CreeceMarquis: I liked this. true. they (Russian girls have no clue of any other culture. not wish to addapt.

Mark 2909: Are people from France black?

Lucio Lemos: What the problem is they faced I dont even understand anything from mexico oh deargod I am already a spanish guy

Alvin Samson: This is soooo german and even i as a german have to admit haha german guys never check my signals and later on they blame ME for giving signals and then not going any further. like wtf is this not a bilateral aproche? hell

King Kenny: Would you please do dating a German man?

Shane G: I love, love, LOVE the way Nigerian men dance! And yes. . . I've always seen them as womanizers.

Aman Sharma: Awesome video I married a beautiful philipina and omg! The video is 1 spot on family cousins friends co workers they are all very nice in every way beautiful people inside and out and very honest they tell you straight no hesitation always smiling hard working and always think of others first .

Denny Garay: Excited for the next one!

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  1. what im saying is fact, watch the video women and men cant be friends 99,99 of the guys says its true, should say something

  2. what the hell are you talking about? These are facts, Laci knows what she's talking about.

  3. My best strategy to avoid razor burn is to wear lace underwear for a couple days after I shave.

  4. I think the weirdest thing to happen in 2018 is that I actually like Laci Green now.

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