Back Door Liberation - Liberation of the German-occupied Channel Islands

Review your travel documents. To gain entrance into the german stronghold, approach the guard and hand him your papers. There are documents throughout...

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  • Liberation - Call of Duty: WWII Wiki Guide - IGN
  • Liberation of the German-occupied Channel Islands - Wikipedia
  • It wasn't long before the Japanese, desperate for labor, began shipping prisoners...
  • They were liberated by British forces following the general German surrender.

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So, he opened up the refrigerator and gave me three different kinds of ice cream that they had along, which was the first good ice cream that I'd had in three and a half years. And we were throwing away parts of equipment as we were taking it across the bridge. Romances occurred, one British soldier kissed a girl on the 19th, proposed on the 21st but was sent to Alderney next day; on his return in July, they married within 24 hours. A message was sent ashore but the opportunity for a discussion was refused.

Yet another official surrender took place at Anyway, Colonel Finley said on the phone, "It can't be, you're dead

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