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So this AN is going to be short cuz I only have a little to say. First, I'm super glad that everyone liked the last chapter. I even got...

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TheTurk56523: The girl from argentina is wicked sexy.

Scott Johnson: She was mean to those two first guys. She took offense to their approach when she didn't even hear what they had to say yet.

Fco. Javier: India please !

Magda Lena: I cant blame them for staying in a group dangerous world for young women

Mina Matsu: Jolof rice lol

Oscar Chicas: I actually know that Indian woman

Face Fuck For Wanking Chap

I've been challenged to guess the kink of a friend of mine and she will only reveal it if I write it so you guys will get to read all my attempts in one easy place. Each one-shot will involve one kink involving the CS ship. Feel free to send me ideas they are not classified as prompts so I'm not required to write all of them, please understand if I don't write yours, it's nothing personal.

They can be a bit tame or a bit naughty. This first one was a request from an anon on tumblr. I love masturbation and couldn't say no. It's my own personal kink and I think that's why it turned out the way it did… No regrets. Thank you Nick for your amazing beta'ing skills. Killian threw his body over hers as she writhed underneath him, his fingertips lightly smoothing the sensitive skin of her bare torso, making Emma shiver in response.

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Turok Duels: Great video. The acting was impeccable!

Tyra Sanchez: From my experience russian women are sick, in a positive way

DogOfHades: The girl with the stripes shirt is love

Shubh Sharma: Could you do one about persian women please

Maria Gh: The french and Iranian 3 3 fucking beautiful

Andi Eko: Why they all are soooo pretty

Diego Pope: Religion Morals and Values are indirectly influencial.in many countries.

Smash Mouth: As usual the Russian woman is the most easy

Eveni Astrid: I heard its easy to fuck them on first date. Is it true? This video is showing it otherwise though.

Charles Yeo: Yeh Ukrainian thanks

LSX BIRD: It's 1 but only for men who grew up in times of Soviet Union/people from small towns.Young generation is quite different, but we still paying for woman in restaraunts/cinemas etc

Joshua Pack: I think it's a bit outdated in this day and age, but, still, if a man insists, I'll let him pay.

Gretchen C: Mexican woman is great to combine with Russian man, just watch video bout dating with Rus man.

TGxIlyaork: I'm inclined to think women like confidence and a tight, cute butt.

Life of individuals is entirely different, whenever you voyages to village from cities, you'll be hurled into 200 years again.


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  1. great video laci! thanks for that information, now i really want to try the mooncup!

  2. В I don't understand that debate about men being harassed by women?aren't men like stronger then women.its not like they cant defend themselves

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