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When next I am within km radius from Carlitzdorp Country House I will drive the extra mile to enjoy this awesome experience, again. Thank you for the wonderful...

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Hull's shot doled out plenty of pleasure and pain Wednesday,
Plenty Of Pleasure Meghan Rulli: I've proved all those sterotypes wrong.

Vlad Klimkov: Those fucking cheesy pick up lines

Cortz G/T: Very beautiful greel woman.

Rover Lights: Yes my country is on list. its so sad.

Kirti Talwar: Croatian is actually Serbian language, they just changed few words.

Why So EZ?: Misandry all over these videos. Men taking a hit once again.

Obner Lopez: The young people in austria are very open to date other people from otherwise, but you must also know, that if you go back to youre country if you find a love here in austria, it can be also sad. ;)

ValidityTV: Let me just make a point: It's not normal kiss someone after 5 minutes in Brazil. I don't know what kind of people you've talk with to do this video, but that's not true. And yes, we're very affectionate.

Rational Lady: Aunt: Where the fuck did you sleep? I told you to come back early

Violet V: What did he mean that french people don't date like americans?

TheBlackiwid: I would not say that the girls in this video are typical of russian beauty standards. Dont get me wrong they are not ugly but they would not be considered beautiful in russia.

Khors El: I would never dating with those fucking ugly untermensch! if you want get AIDS go dating with russian female monkeys.fuuu scum.

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Merkaperka: Super, like that, romancele sunt femei foarte frumoase si ambitioase majoritatea :D

Harry Stark: This was one the funniest ones! >. love it!

Brian Baldino: The bit that annoys me about Aussie women is that several of them feel the right to judge other people (shown very well in the video, calling the waitress portrayed by Marina an idiot), but if a man does the same.oh my.all hell breaks lose.

Honey Bunny: Though the girl I liked most from the video was Elina she was just gorgeous.

Merry Cat: Must be cute men.

Hieu Cu: Beimg from ireland i asked ye to do a irish one. But lads i cant relate and om from fucking galway. and the fake tan? Like we get ALOT do. But mentioming it twice as if thats all people. Dont bye white towls? This should be a a video on dateing a self tanner.

Wolverine Jr.: I'd love to date a Russian or a German woman. So sick of self absorbed American women.

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  4. So people don't deserve respect if they make the personal decision to be sexually active? That's idiotic.

  5. I looked up the definition, and even though tattooing its noted, I don't think tattoos or piercings degrade the appearance of someone.

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