Safe Ass Banging For A Guy - 18 Men Admit Why They Want To Fuck You In The Ass

When I was little, my father would drag my sister and me out in the cold morning in camouflage outfits and orange hats to sit with...

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For example, before having sex with someone, look at their genitals and the area around their anus and check for redness, ulcers, sores, cankers, warts, or cracks.
Safe Ass Banging For A Guy
Last Friday night I went to this party with one of my buddies and wound up doing something I never thought I'd ever do.

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  • “It's so fucking tight in there. It feels like a pussy, but at the...
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Why would she do that?

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Ken Hir: I've been learning Danish for a year.

Celio Ribeiro: The guy for sure has a Canadian accent and it looks like the restaurant is in Toronto

Its JustArapo: I'm still waiting for You know you're dating an IRISH MAN.

Cypheryolk: I am Mexican American and I get a lot if I carry guns with me. My last name is also Castro so its very annoying when people ask if I'm related to Fidel Castro (which I am not at all but its annoying)

Denise Gaspar: Make a video about Bulgarian girls

Wareternal M: Wheres MEXICO ? Putos

Alfa Romeo: Moral of the story: dating in Europe is much less stressful.

The Humbug: U know u r dating a Romanian when ur wallet is missing lol

Tiago Gama: Totally true, but there is many more to add up.

Press Iyamu: Jewish women are hard to come by where I live.

Nicktune1219: I really really hope that this video isn't accurate at makes a very bad reputation of Chinese women

MrWakaboy101: Make dating with Indian wonan

Salum75: Chinese Man ?

Sonntag: So the only filipino girl I know wasn't a statistical anomaly =))

Am I really the crybaby he says I am?

Black and wan.

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  1. There is another term which laci confused gender with, which is gender-expression which means how you express yourself, not which sex/gender you see yourself as.

  2. Try asking out a guy yourself, I'm sure you'll get a date the first time you ask. I'd be surprised you don't.

  3. Laci, this story should be called, Laci Green: The Adventures of a Reasonable Person. :)

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