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Still in the hospital, after an assassination attempt a few weeks ago, the Brazilian populist combines promises of austerity measures with prophesies of violence. He...

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Joshua Yuan: What I really enjoy about those videos is that they make me rethink approaching women. I've met women that behave just the same as Colombian women, Mexican, Greek women. at least here in Sao Paulo can find all kinds of behavior. Or maybe I have bad luck.

Sanjeev Kumar: What I gather from the dressing up topic here is that in the Netherlands men and women put in an equal amount of effort to look OK nice (casual can still be very fashionable and well-dressed mind you whereas in North America guys don't really care and girls just give their look everything they got?

Rita Sfair: Elina with the obvious double eyelid surgery saying the dude looks plastic. bitch please.

Ste Ssert: When u want to take her out to a nice restaurant, but all she wants to do is to rush B.

Danda Panda: Dutch and Russians wouldn't seem to go well then.

Rochelle: I live very close to Ru but we ain't used to that lvl of traditionality anymore i think

Rational Lady: Is it me or the guy in bike looks like David Beckham.


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