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Monica Ailyn: I am an incredibly out going guy. So if I like someone, I straight up ask them out to lunch or coffee to get to know them better.

Ninjatrouble1: You need a Cuban

Daniele: Women love a man with a PhD! (Pretty huge dick).

Niko Zhuli: The thumbnail should be swapped out with a different male.

PlayagameLP: E qui sono caduto dalla poltrona.

Tech Gravity: Also the male version of german .

Nastya Forova: F outta here, turkish couples never look like and talk like this, total BS!

Jirie Ringu: I would like to know what's the difference between dating a Lebanese woman Syrian woman Palestinian woman, Egyprian woman and Iraqi woman

Whisky04: Mexican women are almost as bad as Lakota women.

Regina Acuna: You know you have dated a Mexican woman, when your car is stolen after the break up. Be sure if they leave you they take everything from you that they construct a connection with. And be careful in Mexico E-Mails are no evidence ^^

Richard Nunez: Actual French just sounds sexier lol

Jose Juarez: Jesus I fucking cried laughing at the japanese dude

Rep 123: Huh? You date Colombian women? lol

Luis001fut: Do a Hungarian one

Share it with your friends! Hope the timestamp works, if not - 50m25s. Please log in or register to reply. Team Liquid vs Virtus. In general, there really aren't any skirmishes before the mid-game starts, when both players have started to put together a 'core' composition. Remember me on this device. Leave no black plume as a token of that lie thy soul hath spoken!

SuchaKins: Funny video, especcially the lil dance.

Kittens Rule: Why would the Mexican lady say it's not when that English guy suggested it was Spanish but not from Spain but from South America, yet she said close when that other guy suggested Portuguese? I guess Latin America technically isn't South America, but it's a way better guess than Portuguese! Like, he recognized that it was Spanish but some type of a different dialect or whatever.

Stuehl1234: Never ask to young French men to answers to your questions, never. (They're at the stupid age, even some girls)

Alexandros: Very much like finnish women. Finnish women can be quite assertive about women's rights and things and about everything really and if man doesn't understand that then he is a douchebag or juntti as we say in finnish (juntti actually means more like idiot or redneck, but close enough)

David Lewis: Man we love our bread

Rage116: OOOh so that is why my wife is not portuguese. Too difficult. : Love your videos. They always bring a smile to my face!

Artvanbro: Only that terrance guy actually matches with my opinions

Lorry Luo: I don't understand how some of these guys don't recognize some languages lol, but I guess I was born with people like that near in my neighbourhood

Nathan Ruckle: Fake wine, fake cheese, fake bread lol

Bob Marl: U dont need to make Georgian woman this Greek woman presentation is about stereotyped Georgian woman as well.

Michael Admi: The French accent was really bad

Lorenas Vids: That's pretty much every woman, except the American woman. Almost the complete opposite

Snide Pete: Do the Turkish men!

Paul Robin: We live in a tropical country! If you don't take a Bath each day, you'll die (or be stinky as hell).

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Bareback Games Sc2

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