How To Perform Autofellatio - Oral Sex for the Self: Tips for Trying Autofellatio

I used to be able to suck my own cock back when I was a teenager. I used to do it a lot. But I lost the...

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Do asexual men get erections?

How To Perform Autofellatio

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But to successfully perform autofellatio, lion's share men need to take fitting preparation steps. As with any skill, it requires that a guy practice and get in shape. So men who are serious about autofellatio should be prepared to work at it for a while before achieving success. Although having an exceptionally long penis can certainly devise the act easier, more modestly endowed men are going to need to be limber. The neck and spine especially be inadequate to be working at their flexible peak.

Some guys are naturally more flexible than others, so many dudes need to exercise in order to reach a higher degree of compliancy. There are many yoga exercises such as the cobra, the plow and downward facing dog which focus on lengthening the neck and spine and giving a man greater flexibility in these areas.

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