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Ok so several years ago, one night my big brother had gone out to a barty barn party lmao. Just me and...

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Jay Dee: Omg I can't believe how true and accurate this is xD

Vivala. Nisa: I have dated one.this is all true :D

Maria Uiao: Russians are stupid, too much alcohol fucked up their head

British Tiger: I don't think i ever met anyone from greece.i do admire their history. The language kind of reminds me of spanish.

Suki O'uacha: I think that that should be more specific! In Spain we have completely different accents in the north or south!

Kavya Khurana: Um no African French? Congo French is 3

Antibolter: Sadly all the videos are a bit too long

Amber Dalston: Where's wales and Northern Ireland

Carlos Reyes: It's forbidden in my country, so for I don't know about cheating and I think it's good to see cheating as normal thing.


Ellie X: What about Russia? As I've noticed when I was travelling by train here, men don't have problems to tell me (a guy that they have another woman besides wife. They find it normal

Ishdelville: How old is Marina now?

Miguel Lopes: Ayeee Dominican republic my people

Martin A.R.: You should make a video on american girls

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Over 96, followers and 65, posts. Again, he was so drunk and I pointed out this was actually my room. Posts Ask me anything Archive. My brother had gotten home and was drunk as fuck. He never took his cock out when he has those little shorts on but his ass looked so great…and that smile while we sat under the shelter on the couches…who was that guy that had all those wippit bottles…lol….. Do your father knows about what happened with you and your brother?

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  1. SpiffyMcSnazzy True, like sitting under a tree and thinking about the good things that have happened to me.

  2. Top Seller item at Spencers according to the website. So women buy them right in public malls. lots of them. Handfuls at a time probably!

  3. Laci, are you going to talk about Shane and his blackface apology? Or any of his racist stuff?В

  4. At 0:38-0:40, guys are never called studs . We're called players , heart breakers , pieces of shit , and man whores .

  5. It's true, I actually thought about that before I read this X Glad to see I wasn't the only one

  6. This should be in Spanish too : I could show this to my friends in facebook : they NEED some education about this!

  7. i thought sex was a type of food so if anyone ever said sex i would say can i try some. so young and retarded

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