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November Old folks at home. Charlie was depressed and pissed off and didn't want to get out of bed. Yesterday he had moved into "Manorhouse Assisted Living" and he was already sure it had been a big mistake.

He was only 68, for Christ's sake, that isn't really old anymore. But, he'd had a real scare a few months back when he'd had a mild heart attack and been all alone at home and had to dial for help. His doctor said it could happen again at any time, so he'd moved out of his condo and into this hell hole.

Not that it was even that bad. He had what amounted to a studio apartment and it was sunny and bright with big windows and his own balcony. He had his favorite possessions with him and his own furniture. For a widower with no close family, it was the ideal situation. There was even an on-site health club downstairs that was free for use.

He had grown tired really quickly of their shiny little eyes appraising him as future husband material as it became obvious they were doing. Now, it wasn't even 9 AM and already some old biddy was knocking at his door.

September Mature Madness. I was quite bored at the continually, and used to go to a local club after college for swimming, working out, and an occasional wank in the showers. Sometimes even a wank in the swimming pool when no one was around or appearing. The advantage of going in the afternoons was that there were not too many mortals around as it was very precarious outside, and maximum people came to the pool space after 5 p. I would normally be in the club from 2 p. On that particular day, a much older was there in the changing range.

I had seen him on foregoing afternoons as happily.

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He began to grind his groin hard between my legs. I don't think Mum could bear the idea of accepting another man in the bed she used to share with Dad. This meant that the next time I came to massage Andy's back, we were alone in the home. Andy was right about one thing at least, it did sure as hell feel good… When we disentangled and Andy got up to dress again, I noticed a damp stain on the bedclothes where he had been.

This was turning into something mildly erotic and, much to my surprise, I was beginning to get a hard-on! Charlie spent the rest of the day unpacking and arranging.

Why does he keep treating me this way??

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Mature Gay Male Stories

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