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A very sexy prison inmate seems to regret his attitude when the warden has him strung up in his dungeon. The sadistic...

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Nikola Jovic: I just watch these videos just to feel happy that my gf isn't of some strange race with strange customs.

Asker31: Can you guys do Albanian men?

Jay Casado: Umm this video is HIGHLY inaccurate. French people speak Arabic.

Vlad S.: Not to brag but I would ace this

Tim Gantumur: Estuary is quite sexy

Ana Bigu: Looks like french women are terrible choice. In this video is more bad things than good. =)

Joana Castro: Loved it! How about Finnish women next?

Claire Marty: I got stranded in Europe last summer. Vienna Austria to be exact

Alice Wilde: Video was soo funny that i myself start to laugh even after tough day.)

Bananasworth: Very similar to other slavic and/or east european countries for example Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary etc.

Bobb Sanders: Hey, I just wanna say, I'm a Dane.

Jupiter III: But the cheese and wine things might be true ahah, food is everything for us ! And yeah. even girls do that, we question ourselves EVERYTIMES which can be boring af for foreigners.

Derp-ex: Russian comedy? You guys have a strange sense of humor over there.

S.E.S Criss: I love this! I'm actually surprised how many I could guess just by their accents alone. :)

Is this as rude as I think it is?

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Ashly Macedo: Leaving a cricket match is actually a bad luck.

Mae Russell: The turkish guy looks like Leo Messi

Paul Henley: Sorry but I don't ever want to come near a Dutch men

Marco Polo: French from France for me. I think Canadian French sounds very slurred.

Zaurkax14: So this is a warning to not date them?

Sbelosevic: The girl with the red top is so funny

SkyBlueAugust: I love your channel : I discovered it today and left you a sub ^-^

Wall Flower: YAKUZA! XD LOL

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No sex = break up??

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Here's a very strange and grotesque short film perfect for a Halloween update! A deserving victim receives very harsh treatment in this gruesome scene from popular horror show. Brent Huff endures a lot of bondage and nakedness at the hands of powerful women in these scenes from the movie Perils of Gwendoline.

The sadistic Mexican warden has another hottie in his strung up in his dungeon and seems to apply a searing hot brand. Midnight Express reprise October 19, Amalaric 6. Handsome cowboy is captured, stripped off his shirt and staked out in the desert by a group of Indians in this scene from classic Western TV show, Hondo.

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There are nonetheless loads of islands Movies Male Bondage beaches that remained undiscovered and uninhabited....