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Should you find yourself in a Japanese city, spend time not on the Starbucks- and McDonald's-lined boulevards but on the back streets that wind in...

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Briana Moss: The indian music,please.

Tigerljily: You know you are dating an Ecuadorian woman

Ji Jiji: I am portuguese and I didn't understand anything she said

Pedro Antonio: Why does everyone only like the european languages. my favorite ones are korean, chinese, japanese and british

Violetmoons1: They got so many right! i would fail miserably

Angelina: Can someone please find the instagram of the Brazilian woman?

Blabla J: Pleeeeease dating a Turkish guy!

Nathan Ruckle: Why does the scene at 40 seconds look like a porno

Rhya Khaleesi: Greek women are so complicated (according to the video). If that is really the case then no wonder homosexuality was so common in ancient Greece.

Viberoni: I like how in the other video, the women liked the two photos where the guys were traveling, but hated the rest(primarily selfies and posing).

Manira Sara: Soooo . they are not taking a huge dumb on the street on the first date?

Riyo Sitompul: I'm french and I didn't understand a single word that the women said

Ma Devi Sita: Now. Just imagine, that al these women would swap clothes with each other, and how much that would change the perception and comments of the men and women in this video.

Emre Torok: What french was that. lmao

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Ted Colunga Solo

The Horse: Ted Colunga solo - iGayPorn TV - Edison  singles

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