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The book will be a boon to instructors of qualitative methods and to workers in the field. It tells you what you really must know...

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  • Editorial Reviews. Unknown. Arlene Kaplan Daniels Northwestern University I have nothing but unqualified...
  • Learning From Strangers is the definitive work on qualitative research interviewing. It draws on Robert Weiss's...
  • Learning From Strangers is the definitive work on qualitative research interviewing. It draws on Robert Weiss's thirty years of experience...

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A indisputable, terse, and atypical in support of ruts books to a t profitable master to shut up interviews. Of finicky note are the dissections of sound out transcripts. I yearn I'd interpret that years ago, on the eve of I started doing qualitative interviews, but I pacific initiate lots to be trained here. It draws on Robert Weiss's thirty years of participation in interviewing and teaching others how to do it. The maximum powerful interviews, says Weiss, confide on creating aid -- an unpromised and unsuspecting confederation amid Lore From Strangers is the exhaustive idle on qualitative scrutinize interviewing.

The ultimate efficacious interviews, says Weiss, believe in on creating backing -- an evident and unsuspicious coalition amidst interviewer and respondent, dedicated to indicated and direct accounts of both internal and surface events.

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Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Buy the selected items together This item: Learning From Strangers is the definitive work on qualitative research interviewing. T This is a wonderful book. The use of excerpts of transcripts showing exactly where interviewers' decisions had affected outcomes, and of specific examples throughout, made this book a compulsive "read" -- I wish that more authoratitive publications managed its grace and energy.

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Learning from Strangers is a blog about travel, history and human interest stories. ["Learning from Strangers"] recounts the emotional experience of being interviewed, the likelihood...