I Think He Was A Bit Embarrassed - embarrassed

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He was embarrassed when the teacher asked him to read his essay to the class. He upset Dad, and he feels a bit ashamed. There is no need to embarrass her about her unfortunate sister. Sign up using Facebook. Elizabeth would have been startled and embarrassed if she could have read his thoughts, for they might have suggested to her that she was becoming a great deal fonder of Bill than the shortness of their acquaintance warranted.

It was the moment when came up and the applause was ongoing for quite a while is really when it hit home to me that it was quite a significant achievement for a New Zealander and one I'll certainly remember for the rest of my life.

  • Definition of embarrassed about in the Idioms Dictionary. embarrassed about myself - she's usually the quiet...
  • Embarrassed - definition of embarrassed by The Free Dictionary
  • It was what was required.
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  • ashamed. adjective. feeling guilty or embarrassed because you have done something wrong, or think...
  • If you are embarrassed , you are worried that people will laugh...
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To cause to feel self-conscious or ill at ease; disconcert: I realise that looks really aren't everything, and in my experience, going out with guys just to show off how hot they are isn't worth it and screams immaturity. That was one thing I tried to do this summer is just play that moment and worry about that ball. I do understand where you're coming from but I dont think you should feel like that, it's not fair on him.

In his place I should have been more embarrassed and less calm. I was embarrassed by you. Ventura singles

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I Think He Was A Bit Embarrassed

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